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    Constructing an all-round scientific and technological intelligent life service scenario
    We will provide modular and networked property services and living services for users, based on data, through scientific & technological and intelligent management means, to achieve maximum intellectualization of life scenarios and construct an all-round habitation blueprint from smart home to smart community.
Introduction of ECM equipment status monitoring system
ECM system is the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in property equipment management. The status of equipment is acquired by various sensors and transmitted to the server through network equipment for processing and presentation, and property services are guided and improved through data processing and analysis.
Characteristics of ECM system
It is a configurable, extensible and high-performance facility and equipment management platform. In addition to the usage in self-managed projects, the system can also serve thousands of property companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve property management level and create commercial value.
Main functions of ECM
Data acquisition and
presentation of 10 major
systems of property equipment:
Equipment monitoring
alarm and work order linkage:
  • 01Equipment failure
  • 02ECM system gives an alarm at PC terminal and generates a work order
  • 03Maintenance personnel receive a short message and handle the failure
  • 04Feedback after handling and eliminate alarm
  • Project equipment dimension data statistics
  • Analysis of work order processing
  • Diagram query
  • Statistical analysis on point proportion of project equipment
  • Analysis on the processing of regional daily work orders
  • Report query
Introduction of full-house intelligence
The Justbon full-house intelligence solution covers intelligent health system, intelligent environment system, intelligent security system, intelligent energy system intelligent light control system, intelligent household appliances system and so on. It covers all aspects of home life and makes life simpler, more comfortable and more convenient.
Function Application
Four major advantages
  • Strong compatibility and high flexibility
    Support ad-hoc networks, low power consumption
  • Property linkage, safety and assurance
    Based on intelligent hardware, the intelligent security system manages the linkage between background and property surveillance center, and truly realizes “property company’s door-to-door services in response to incident alarms from home” to meet home security needs of community users.
  • Knowing living information at any time
    Real-time multi-terminal push of community life and service information, knowing community updates without leaving home.
  • Multi-scenario applications, convenient and comfortable
    Multi-terminal linkage design, intelligent interactive screen control equipment - “Justbon Elf”, voice control and switching of scenarios, intelligent homes are more convenient and comfortable.

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