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About Us
In 2009, Justbon initiated the property rental & selling center in the industry. We always adhere to the core philosophy of “Serving life with heart, making your life happier”. Based on the strong resource support of Blue Ray Corporation, in the service mode of “brand real estate + high quality property + professional rental & selling”, we provide 70 years of expert-level real estate rental & selling services for a lot of owners.

Justbon rental & selling has a strong brokerage team, which is composed of many experienced members in real estate industry and property brokerage business, and provides feasibility study, marketing and planning, selling consultation, channel development and integration services.
Justbon rental & selling
The rental & selling expert around you
Core competence of Justbon rental & selling brokerage business
  • Brand-new business mode
    Internet + property broker + community finance
  • Strong asset platform and market integration ability
    relying on the power asset management platform of Justbon Group, unifying the resources of Life Pro alliance enterprises, expanding and developing external channels, and comprehensively realizing the integration of multi-channel and high-quality resources in the market
  • Property rental & selling centers provide full life cycle expert-level services
    on the basis of project property rental & selling center, providing 70 years of expert-level property rental & selling services for massive owners.
  • The brand builds a solid foundation
    Blue Ray Corporation 27 years of glorious history,The top 100 listed real estate companies (SH: 600466);
    Justbon Group The top 13 companies in China,Vice-president of China Property Management Association.
Market advantages of Justbon rental & selling brokerage business
  • Advantage of customer
    a million Blue-Ray customers
  • Advantage of property resources
    ten thousand properties,
    solve your property purchasing needs easily
  • Property rental & selling center
    we are beside you,
    we know you better!
  • Innovative service mode
    the “brand real estate + high quality property + professional
    rental & selling” service mode.
Scope of business
Develop diversified services of industrial chain by making use of Justbon rental & selling platform.
  • Intermediary Services
    Property lease, property purchase/selling and other traditional second-hand property transaction services.
  • Consultation
    Consultation of property transaction policies, market trend, research on professional topics etc.
  • Marketing agent
    Undertake residential buildings, parking places, shops, office buildings and other types of buildings from developers for sales.
  • Financial services
    Provide mortgage/loan-handling service and deal with the docking of bank financial products.
  • Value-added services of industrial chain
    Value-added services after transaction such as cleaning, decoration and moving.
Nationwide service hotline:028-8782-9522 to (8900).

  • Hotline:400-9999-118
  • Audit supervision (complaints):028-87826372
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