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Life Pro Service System
Justbon adapts to the times, innovates the business model, and created the life pro service system in 2015 which realizes the upgrading of property services and leads the upgrading of owner consumption.
Through online and office links, to form a double O2O closed loop of “property services” and “community life services”, to create scientific and technological intelligent property and promote the transformation and upgrading of Justbon toward modern service industry.
  • Life Pro ecosystem
    Create value for users and make life better.
  • Solutions for community operation
    By special offer of popular products, new media of community, home service, Wechat applet and other marketing methods, we will cover all living scenarios of owners, and create scientific and technological intelligent property to realize the upgrading of owners’ life services and consumption.
  • Scale of Life Pro System
  • Industry internetization
    Through sharing resources and technologies, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to share profits, and realizing “industry internetization”.
Community operation scenarios
Relying on the natural advantages of the community, integrating resources and providing in-depth services around owners’ needs, and realizing the double promotion of operation value and service value.

  • Hotline:400-9999-118
  • Audit supervision (complaints):028-87826372
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Copyright © 2019 Justbon Powered by vancheer