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About Justbon
Founded in 2000, Justbon is a holding company of Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. (600466.SH) and holds the National Level 1 Qualification for Property Management Enterprises. The company is currently honored as the Vice President Company of China Property Management Association, Vice President Company of Sichuan Real Estate Industry Association, Vice Company of Property Management Committee of Sichuan Real Estate Industry Association and Vice President Company of Chengdu Property Management Association.

Justbon ranked 11th in the 2019 Comprehensive Competitiveness Ranking of Top 100 Property Management Enterprises in China, and the brand value of Justbon reached 4.008 billion Yuan in 2019.

Justbon takes “property management + commercial operation” as its main business, covering operational services of six major real estates, i.e. residential properties, commercial properties, office properties, urban complexes, headquarters bases and tourism real estate. In 2016-2018, Justbon successively established equity cooperation with Sichuan Guojia, Hangzhou Lvyu, Shanghai Zhenxian, Chengdu Dongjing and Sichuan Tianli, developing rapidly in a large scale and marketed oriented way. At present, Justbon has more than 400 property management projects and entrusted property management area of nearly 70 million square meters, covering more than 60 cities across the country.
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  • Founded in 2000
  • Brand value of 4.008 billion yuan
  • More than 400 property management projects
  • Property management area of 70 million square meters
  • Covering more than 60 cities

  • Hotline:400-9999-118
  • Audit supervision (complaints):028-87826372
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